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Bobcat   (Lynx Rufus)

How big are bobcats?

What do bobcats look like?
Photo by: Ashok Khosla
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A bobcat's ears are black on the back with large white spots.

Its ears are pointed with tufts of black hair at the tips.

The face has a ruff of fur that sticks out from its face and neck.

Bobcats get their name from their short ("bobbed") tails. Their tails are only about 6 inches long
(about the length of a brand-new pencil)!

Photo by: VJ Beauchamp
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A bobcat's belly is white, but its other fur can be gray, yellow-brown, or reddish-brown in color. Bobcats have darker spots that help them camoflage.

Photo (C) Keith Johnson
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Photo by: Geekly
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Photo by: cg 2006
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Photo by: Marissa B.
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Can you spot the bobcat in this picture?  

Where do bobcats live?




  Bobcats live in southern Canada, all of the states in the United States of America except for Alaska and Hawaii,
and the northen half of Mexico.

What do bobcats eat?
Mice & Rats



Bobcats mostly eat small animals like rabbits, but they can kill and eat anything as small as a mouse and as big as a deer.  

What sounds do bobcats make?
Bobcats are usually quiet, but they can make most of the sounds a housecat makes.
They can purr, hiss, growl, yowl, mew, gurgle, and make wah-wah calls.
During mating season, they can be very noisy!
The noise they make - called "caterwauling" - can be heard a mile away!

Here are some links to sounds that a bobcat can make:


"Yow Yow"

3 Yowls

Angry Growl

Signs of Bobcats
You may never see a bobcat in the woods, but if you look closely,
you may spot signs that they've been around!


Cat tracks are shaped more like a circle.
Dog tracks are shaped more like an oval.

Dog tracks have claw marks;
cat tracks usually do not.

  If it's an adult bobcat, its tracks will be twice as big as those of a housecat!

If the tracks are more than 2 1/2 inches wide, it's probably a lynx or a mountain lion.
Photo (c)2006 Penny Crispin
Used with permission.
A bobcat paw print.
Click on the print to see more great pictures of bobcat tracks!

Scat and Scrapes

It may look and smell gross, but scat ("poo" or "doo-doo") is very important to a hunter, tracker, or scientist. It can tell you where an animal lives, what it has been eating, and how much it has been eating. Scrapes are the marks a bobcat or other cat will make nearby to draw attention to the scat. It tells other bobcats to "KEEP OUT!"

Check out these links:


Parting Shots

Bobcat skull
(c)2006 Bradford deCaussin
Used with permission.

Bored Bobcat at Bismark Zoo
(c)2006 Rich Leblang
Used with permission.

Bobcat on 45 foot high pole
(from widely circulated e-mail)

Bobcat jumping OFF the 45 foot high pole (apparently he was fine, and ran off after landing

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