Dirt Cake

Don't be afraid to play with the proportions and ingredients for this recipe, according to your tastes. There is great variety among the many dirt cake recipes found on the Internet and in recipe books. Some recipes leave out the cream cheese, butter, and/or powdered sugar, some use much more or less whipped topping (8-16 oz), and many call for as little as 16 oz of Oreo cookies. I prefer the extra richness that comes from using both cream cheese and butter, and I also find I like using almost equal amounts of Oreo "dirt" and pudding, instead of the thin sprinklings of Oreo cookie crumbs between layers of pudding mixture that some people use.

Sand Cake variation: Use golden sandwich cookies and vanilla pudding, and serve in a beach pail.


Suggested items for presentation and serving:



My own recipe, based on experience and many recipes from various sources.