Norma Bowen's Brunswick Stew


Weight Watchers® Points per serving: ?


3 pounds stew beef
3 pounds chicken
1 quart potatoes, cut as you would for mashed potatoes
1 large onion
1 quart canned lima beans
44 ounces canned tomatoes
1 pint black eyed peas
1 pint green beans
1 pint corn


Boil the stew beef and chicken until tender.

Drain off the broth and refrigerate. Bone and skin the chicken and chop both meats, then refrigerate.

Boil the potatoes.

Skim the fat off the broth and pour into a large pot.

Chop and add the onion, then add the lima beans, canned tomatoes, peas, and corn.

Cook over low heat for several hours, stirring often.

Source: Kitchen Khemistry by Norma Bowen, February 1988