Omelettes Gargamelle

(Omelettes filled with mushrooms, cream cheese, and parsley and topped with a cream sauce and Gruyère cheese)

This incredibly delicious omelette is my version of the Omelette Gargamelle once served in the restaurant Gargantua in Chinon, France, for which I found the recipe in a French recipe collection (source below). The main differences I have made to this recipe are to use a bit more egg, a LOT more cheese, and to cook the omelettes slightly differently (I cook them to a golden brown without contant stirring and shaking (the American way), but roll them instead of folding them (the French way), and before the inside has completely "set" (also more like the French do it)).

The names of both the restaurant and the dish come from the 16th century stories of Gargantua and Pantagruel by François Rabelais, who spent his childhood in the town of Chinon. Gargamelle was one of the characters in these stories.

INGREDIENTS (for 2 omelettes):

INGREDIENTS (for the cream sauce):

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CREAM SAUCE (you can make this before or after the omelettes):


Original Source:

"Omelette Gargamelle" recipe, page 102 of La France Gastronomique by Anne Willan (first U.S. edition, (c)1991 by Anne Willan Inc.) . Arcade Publishing, New York