Mouse's Easy Pepper Cream Steak

Servings: 1

Weight Watchers® Points per serving: 20 or more!


8 oz cooked trimmed new york beef steak
     (or other steak suitable for skillet cooking)
heavy whipping cream
black pepper
table salt
olive oil


As long before cooking as possible (it's ok if you do it immediately before cooking, but not as tasty), coat both sides of the steak (sirloin etc.) with salt and freshly crushed black pepper (or a mix of several types of peppercorns).

Heat skillet with a bit of olive oil in the bottom, just to cover thinly.

Sear the steak BRIEFLY on both sides. Do not cook it completely to the stage of "doneness" you prefer, as you will add the steak back in a minute or two.

Remove the steak from the pan. Keep nearby.

Pour whipped cream into pan to cover the bottom. Scrape the bottom of the pan as you simmer the cream, so it gets mixed with the oil, juice, salt, and pepper left from cooking the steak. Reduce to a thick sauce.

As sauce nears the desired thickness level, add the steak back to finish cooking/reheat. Taste the sauce for seasoning.

Remove steak. Pour cream sauce over it and enjoy!